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NRF Remodels Home for Patient

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NRF recently remodeled a home for a family whose daughter, Megan, has a rare disease called Cri Du Chat Syndrome. One of the effects of this syndrome is that patients have weak muscle tone, which makes it difficult for them to walk. Because of her condition, Megan has a hard time getting around and needs to be cared for constantly, which requires the family to have easy access to her at all times. The team made improvements to the home which made it more convenient for both Megan and her parents .  A  new door and window were added to the rear of the house for access to the bathroom and studio area.   The  bathroom was also remodeled to meet ADA requirements,  and a walk in tub was added.  Sliding pocket doors and new trim were installed as well.   The studio room is now set up for the round the clock assistance the family needs, and Megan has everything in one area.  The studio now includes a washer, dryer, a TV, bathroom and bedroom access, a large window to see outside, and a separate entrance to the back yard.  The cabinets and countertop in the studio area were also donated by NRF. A complete paint job of both rooms finished the project.  The project cost about $ 40,000.00, and ran from December 2010 to January 2011.

Bathroom before remodeling

The bathroom before it was remodeled.

Before new door was added to the back of the house
In the process of adding a new door to the back of the house.

Studio area before remodeling.
The studio area before remodeling. A new window and door were added for easier access.

Bathroom remodeled to meet ADA requirements

Completed bathroom with facilities that meet the ADA requirements, including a walk-in tub.

Remodeled studio area

The remodeled studio conveniently set up so that the family can provide Megan with the round-the-clock assistance that she needs.

New door added to the back of the house

A new door added to the back of the house for easy access to the bathroom and studio areas.

Megan and her family with contractors Adam Eidelberg and John Quaregna.

Megan and her family with contractors Adam Eidelberg and John Quaregna.

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